Forensic surveillance is commonly used when gathering incriminating or supportive evidence for litigation as well as investigating personal issues. Surveillance findings can often offer an alternative spin on any situation occasionally revealing facts that would have otherwise been missed. It is best that a surveillance operation is initiated as early as possible allowing the investigator maximum time to gather the information.

Using forensic technology specific to surveillance Essential Forensics can capture, process and analysis vast amounts of information from a variety of settings. By establishing key facts and eliminating people and information not essential to the investigation a concise report can be formed.

We offer a comprehensive service to suit all your forensic surveillance requirements. Our services include monitoring;

  • Fraudulent activities both personal and corporate investigations
  • Individual identity fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Benefit fraud
  • Money Laundering
  • Fraudulent personal injury claims
  • Stalking/harassment
  • Intercepting phone conversations
  • Vehicle identity/tracking
  • Personal issues
  • Marital issues/ Infidelity
  • Commercial/domestic theft
  • Discreet installation of covert surveillance equipment
  • Hacking
  • Vandalism
  • Anti fly tipping operations
  • Bribery and corruption


We have the capacity and technology to take on any investigations and can cover all geographical areas.

Essential Forensics are experts in conducting covert operations and have extensive experience in all areas with proven results. Professionalism and discretion is a priority at all times as well as striving for the best results which will support any legal case.

A detailed report either written digital or audible can be presented demonstrating sequences of events along with identifying persons involved dates, times and locations in question in preparation for the defence or prosecution.

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