Locus Reports

Locus Reports

A locus report is a tailored evidential document consisting of vital scene/area information which can create a visual picture of any crime scene investigation. A site inspection is carried out by a Locus Report specialist who gathers locality coordinates and digital photographs of all points of interest from the centre of activity. This information is then used to reconstruct detailed computer generated imagery providing evidence to support the defendant’s witness statements.

High resolution full colour reports can include 3D reconstruction, using computer plan drawings (CAD). An accurate 3D reconstruction drawing can be produced of a residential, commercial or recreational area. The area can be viewed from various perspectives to support the case. The images can demonstrate the scale of buildings or land marks, local activity such as traffic flow, speed limits, road marking and road furniture. Pedestrianised areas and street layouts can be clearly viewed and presented as defence material.

Aerial photography with graphic overlay allows 3D and 2D mapping of local areas and ground structures to be displayed on a detailed map. Reference markers can be highlighted on the map to demonstrate distances and routes etc.

Scaled drawings can be produced of interior and exterior buildings, locations or objects. These accurate technical drawings show structural dimensions and precision detail which can provide facts with great relevance during legal disputes.

The Locus Report can be used in any case such as road traffic accidents. It should be carried out promptly before any local changes can take place which could negatively affect your case.

The final high quality report is presented clearly and professionally in coherence with court and legal regulations providing firm and accurate defence material.

Locus Reports
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