Forensic Photography Services

Forensic Photography Services

Forensic Photography Services can be critical to any type of prosecution or defence case. From criminal proceedings, to medical injury claims Essential Forensic will provide all your forensic photography needs for areas such as:

Criminal Defence Photography

Photographic imagery can prove to be invaluable when gathering evidence for any defence or prosecution. Photographs have the power to prove or disprove verbal statements which can ultimately decipher the way the court can interpret evidentiary documentation. Providing the legal professionals with maximum information surrounding the investigation activities they can verify and validate the authenticity of the submitted evidence. In some instances items not previously examined can be identified providing further considerations for the case.

Essential Forensics will attend any crime scene and take a collection of evidential images. Using photo enhancement techniques the images can be prepared for court hearings. Digital manipulation and authentication can be confirmed if necessary allowing the jury to evaluate the cases from all perspectives fairly.

The images can clarify the location and sequence of events in chronological order. Analysis of digital media is recognisable in court hearings and can support criminal claims. Essential Forensics has extensive knowledge of legal procedures and practices. The portfolio containing forensic photographs are presented in coherence with the code of practice followed by all legal professionals. The images are a favourable piece of evidence.

Personal Injury/Medical Photography

Medical photography is a specialised area which can provide significant evidence for any legal case particularly effective during personal injury claims.

Anatomy photography is used to document and preserve evidence. These photographs can be used as valuable physical evidence when compared with known photographs of suspects for example. This photographic technique allows accurate anatomical measurements showing facial, skeletal or other physical features.

Essential Forensics has specific knowledge of the technical requirements necessary to take legible photographs that are acceptable in a court of law. Initial images must be reliable and of the highest quality as the first images are not repeatable.

These types of images highlight anatomical changes and precision measurements which display the initial injury along with any lasting scars creating a permanent visual record. Visual proof is highly significant during legal cases as it can support verbal witness statements for both the defence and claimant potentially increasing compensation payouts.

Essential Forensics has vast experience in this field, at times working with sensitive cases where compassion and empathy is required. Our practice is always carried out professionally and confidentially.

Crime Scene Images

Forensic photographs are essential when investigating, prosecuting or defending an alleged crime they create an incontestable record of the location of the crime scene or accident.

Cars involved in road traffic accidents, skid marks, antisocial behaviour, assault, criminal damage and burglary are just a few instances where forensic photography can be used as effectively when gathering evidence.

Early crime scene images can be useful when detecting if a crime scene has been tampered with. Photos are taken from many angles recording an accurate sequence of events.

The location of a crime normally needs to be returned to its original state as soon as possible to allow homes and families to function or businesses to trade with as little disruption as possible. Essential Forensics will attend the crime scene at the earliest opportunity to capture potential incriminating evidence. These images will preserve a clear record of the location, layout and placement of relevant objects which will create an electronic document which is admissible in a court of law.

Forensic Photography Services
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