Computers contribute to many criminal activates in today’s modern society. By aiding communication to various groups around the world as well as local criminal communities major and less serious crimes from bulling and harassment to fraud and drug related crimes can be easily coordinated. Similarly computers if retrieved can be an excellent source of evidence during criminal proceedings. Essential Forensics has the ability to undertake all forms of forensic computer investigations with the intention of proving wrongdoing or innocence.

Hard drive storage is available in many forms not solely laptops or desktop computers. They can be used to move information around easily as well as infinitive storage solutions. All seized hard drives need to be handled with care, Essential Forensics has vast experience using programs such as Encase and Forensic Tool Kit to diagnose, recover and copy erased, stored or damaged content of most hard drives. Retrieved information can create a reconstruction of a series of events stating time scales, dates and locations along with the identity of any involved individuals. The data recovery process can expose withheld information and can affect the jury’s decision making and ultimately alter the outcome of the legal proceedings.

In larger corporate establishments where there are many systems connected to a main server more extensive forensic computer investigations may required. The server may cover one large site or multiple sites. In this instance the server interrogation process can be timely and extremely complex. An individual or group who may have had access to a multiplex of computers in order to cover their criminal activities could have done so over long periods of time. However Essential Forensics has the capacity and experience to recover as much data as necessary to investigate alleged illegal activities. In addition all lines of communication between internal and external persons can be established along with accurate time lines, this type of information can be invaluable when eliminating innocent parties or incriminating the guilty.

The technological ability to store electronically processed data has evolved massively in recent years. Electronic data can also be stored on devices such as cameras, satellite navigation systems, iPod’s, tablets and smart phones making it easier than ever to store, exchange and conceal potentially compromising intelligence. As specialist in forensic investigations we can extract data from all forms of electronic storage. Personal information can be gathered, photos, emails and call logs can be documented chronologically to develop a summary communication links including the frequency dates and times of specific events or transactions authenticating witness statements.

The ever changing technology in the world we live in today may be aiding criminal activities but it is also allowing specialist forensic investigators faster and more effective methods of extracting information from electronic sources. It is not uncommon for people to have multiple email accounts, the majority are free and take very little time to set up or delete. This can be problematic when attempting to gather evidence for the defence or prosecution. We can capture all incriminating evidence and differentiate who did what, where and when presenting it in a legally defensible manor.

All digital evidence is widely acceptable in the legal jurisdiction. The forensic procedures carried out on computers allow the information to be authenticated producing data which is favourable and admissible in court.

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