Blood Stain & Clothing Analysis

Blood Stain & Clothing Analysis

Blood staining analysis from crime scenes is an extremely specialised area which can often prove to be the most valuable source of information when searching for clues and details of the event. Bloodshed and blood pattern recognition is a study of the physical and biological properties of any traces of blood from the crime scene or on any implements/weapons used during such incidents.

An expert in this field can extract vital information and characteristics of the crime such as how much force was used, the positions of the attacker and the attacked. Splatter patters can provide essential information about the process of events such as time scales. Shapes, locations and concentrations of blood splatter from a crime scene can aid the reconstruction process, this information can then be used to corroborate or disprove statements from a witness, victim or suspect.

Crucial DNA information can be extracted from any samples. The structures in blood are specific to one living organism therefore can confirm a person’s identity.

Tampering of a crime scene can be detected using blood staining analysis. Removal or intentional disturbances in the blood patterns altering traces left behind can be easily identifiable as a result of our extensive forensic blood staining knowledge.

Blood staining can disperse differently on altering surfaces however Essential Forensics has the expertise to understand the genetics of this process and therefore does not pose a problem when carrying out crime scene investigations.

Clothing Analysis will forensically examine items involved in crimes can provide vital information which isn’t always visible to the naked eye. Patterns in the damaged item can reveal from which point the attack took place, the amount of force used or if a fight occurred. Fibre traces from clothing found on a weapon can link an individual to a crime. Fibre analysis can be carried out to establish person to person contact or location presence. Hair and fibre are the two most important resources in forensic science and often provide enough evidence to conclude a conviction and similarly can provide findings to prove a person’s innocence.

Blood Stain & Clothing Analysis
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