Audio Enhancement Services

Audio Enhancement Services

Audio recordings are used in many scenarios in society such as private investigating, corporate quality auditing and police criminal covert operations to name a few. In particularly when audio evidence is used in court as prosecution material details from that recording need to accurate and clear to enable the jury to make their decisions fairly regarding the evidence provided.

Audio recordings are not always of a high enough sound quality making it difficult or even impossible for the listener to be able to distinguish what is being said or who is saying it. Back ground noise disturbances, sound artefacts, other voices, technical interferences and static noises and all issues that can reduce the quality of original audio recordings.

We have state of the art equipment which allows us to reduce or in some cases completely eliminate any unnecessary noise interferences in order to improve the quality of the recording. It is possible to enhance any form of audio material we can also recover audio evidence from damaged audio, video or dictaphone tapes. Our team of specially trained forensic investigators have the knowledge and vast experience in this field allowing us to work efficiently with all audio sources as well as having the capacity to deal with larger complex cases.

In some instances it is not possible to identify the persons who are speaking the voices maybe muffled or simply background noises, dialect or language make it impossible to interpret. By carrying out the audio enhancement process we can achieve vocal matching which can give the prosecution solid grounds for conviction similarly can eliminate innocent parties. Times and dates can be extracted from the audio recordings allowing timelines to be created aiding pending investigations. We can produce written transcriptions of all conversations extracted from audio or CCTV sources along with a translation service if needed. Our investigations can reveal any signs of tampering which can affect the reliability of the evidence. All original recordings are preserved to prove the authenticity of our work and the recordings.

Sign Language & Lip Reading

Occasionally evidence from CCTV maybe in the form of sign language we have specialist who can observe the footage and extract any lip read conversations and convert it into a written transcript producing a legible account of what was said. Authenticated audio evidence is admissible in court and is commonly used is variety of cases. Essential Forensics can appear as an expert witness regarding the audio finding if required.

Audio Enhancement Services
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