Road Traffic Accident Investigation

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Road traffic accidents (RTA’s) are a common occurrence on our busy roads. Establishing the facts surrounding the accident can be a difficult and timely task. Insurance companies will need to clarify who is at fault in a bid to reduce costs and compensations or the police will need firm facts supported be forensic evidence in order to make convictions.

The exact details and causes of RTA’s can be difficult to determine due to a number of factors. Witness’s can give false or inaccurate statements, drivers refrain from admitting the actual speed they were driving, poorly maintained or illegal vehicles or they could be under the influence or drink or drugs. In many cases it can be local problems which have caused the accident such as poor road surface or layout, adverse weather conditions or unclear signs.

Essential Forensics has been attending RTA’s for many years carrying out all the essential forensic investigations necessary to identify the facts surrounding the incident. We take forensic photographs of the scene including skid marks analysis which allows us to estimate the speed of the moving vehicles, witness statements, locus reports and also retrieve any available CCTV footage. We collate all the information and produce a report for the police, solicitor or insurance company. The report will be a legal document which demonstrates all the findings along with the supporting forensic evidence which will allow the reader to reconstruct what happened leading up to, during and after the accident and use as defence or prosecution material.

The high quality report which we produce can prove invaluable to any claim. In a bid to gain the most accurate information about an RTA it is vital that we are instructed to attend the scene of the accident as early as possible this reduces the risk of losing vital evidence. It is essential to take witness statements immediately after the incident so details stay fresh in the minds of the people involved promoting accurate reconstruction.

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