What is Forensic Investigation and How Essential Forensics Can Help?

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A forensic investigation is the practice of lawfully establishing evidence and facts that are to be presented in a court of law. The term is used for nearly all investigations, ranging from cases of financial fraud to murder. When most people think about forensics, they think about crime scene investigation, in which physical evidence is gathered. There are other forms of forensic investigation, however, such as computer forensics and sub-fields that focus on dentistry and crime scenes.

The type of forensic investigation most people know about revolves around violent crimes. Forensics used in these investigations can uncover scientific evidence that may provide enough proof or evidence to convict a violent criminal. These methods can also help disprove outdated evidence that could lead to the release of someone who was wrongly convicted. One of the main kinds of evidence this form of forensic investigation yields is biological evidence, such as blood spatter and hairs that include Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA). Impression evidence, like fingerprints and tire tracks, help connect people to a crime scene or victim. Weapon identification, the microscopic examination of firearms and tools for the purpose of matching weapons to wounds, helps identify a weapon used in a crime and connect it to a suspect. After the evidence is carefully collected at the crime scene, it is typically sent to a crime lab for processing.

Essential Forensics has a team of experts with vast experience in all forensic related investigations. Please contact one of our friendly staff for information about any of our forensic services, advice or a competitive quote via email, telephone or the live chat facility. We commonly work with solicitors, the police, private investigators, corporate companies as well as the general public.

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