What can CCTV Enhancement do?

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The presence of CCTV cameras in today’s society has increased massively leaving very few public areas which are not covered. Video footage is a valuable form of evidence in many criminal cases although the quality of recording is not always clear enough to make accurate personal identifications or clarify other potentially incriminating material. This may be due to dated equipment, intentional tampering or other artefacts.

As forensic specialist Essential Forensics have the experience and knowledge about CCTV enhancement both audio and image quality. We can enhance all forms of CCTV resulting in clearer more accurate footage from both functioning and damaged equipment. It is also possible to retrieve deleted footage in many cases. Not all recording have sound but we can provide a lip reading service and produce transcripts of conversations. Transcripts can also be produced where sound has been recorded but not clear enough to establish actual conversations. Our audio enhancement team can reduce background noise creating a clearer recording. We can authenticate all the work we do and attend court if necessary to verify our findings to the judge and jury.

All footage/recording can be converted to various forms for example from video tape to disk or memory stick making it easy to use with modern technology.

CCTV surveillance is routinely used by the police, local councils and local business as a crime deterrent. Essential Forensics commonly work with these services in providing evidence for both the prosecution and defence in legal battles. In our experience good quality enhanced CCTV footage can and has in many cases provided enough evidence to prove a person’s innocence and ultimately avoid sentencing and convictions.

As market leaders in all Forensic investigations Essential Forensics are happy to assist with all inquires either to give advice or to offer a service. Please call, email or log on to our live chat facility for assistance or a quote.

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