What is Cell Site Analysis?

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Cell site analysis allows the analysis of mobile phone usage. Information such as dates, times and locations of calls, sent and received text messages can be identified using cell site analysis science. Mobile phone providers have the ability to trace all telephone communication between mobile phones and can provide a detailed list of exact times of calls, call durations, precise geographical locations along with the recipient’s details.

This information can be a valuable source of evidence in legal investigations. The whereabouts of suspects in relation to a crime can be proven or disproved which can support witness statements. Communication trends between groups, gangs or individuals can be revealed again providing essential defence material. Accurate time lines can be created after analysing the telecommunications data this can provide additional supportive information relating to any planning in the build up to crimes.

Essential Forensics are experts in the retrieval of cell site analysis information and can assist all types of clients. We can produce and present in court if necessary a legible evidential report showing a chronological list of all mobile phone history. We regularly carry out this type of work for the police or solicitors when they are building a defence case to prove a person’s innocence. We have also worked on divorce cases where infidelity has been suspected, we have provided a private investigation service where cell site analysis was an essential part of the investigation.

Our friendly team are available to answer any queries you may have in relation cell site analysis or any of the other forensic services we offer.

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