The Deep Web… The New High Tech Crime Which is Effecting Countries Worldwide

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The deep web is a term used to describe an illegal cyber underworld basically The Deep Web is an online place which is unobtainable to the majority of people especially legal enforcers.  Criminals who are experts in computer technologies have the ability to be online but unseen unless they want you to see them. These groups remain hidden and anonymous by using high-tech software.

Countries worldwide are currently facing a new battle against an underworld crime craze where illegal goods can be bought from the comfort of your own home. Silk Road was an underground ebay like online selling and buying facility where illegal drugs could be bought and distributed worldwide completely anonymously. Other illegal activates allegedly carried out by Silk Road aiding criminal activities included money laundering, computer hacking, firearm sales and counterfeiting related crimes.

Silk Road also known as ‘The drug market place’ was able to trade successfully within a large worldwide network online securely and unnoticed by government officials due to their vast knowledge of how to encrypt and decrypt computer files. Using cryptography which is more commonly known as the practice and study of hiding information, encrypted browsers were created to allow users to access Silk Road and easily buy and sell a variety of criminal merchandise using untraceable illegal transactions.

Transactions are made using the Bitcoin which is not legal tender and has a questionable value. Little is known about the Bitcoin, essential investigations to uncover more information about the favoured currency and how transactions are processed are currently underway.  The Bitcoin only adds to the mystery and complexity of these underworld networks.

The Silk Road website was shut down by the DEA in 2013 as a result of forensic computer analysis investigations and arrests were made. Arrests for cyber crimes will not deter criminals from setting up similar online facilities. Governments are increasingly aware of the growing battle against the reformation of such organisations. Today’s high tech technology is creating an accessible way into illegal underground activities for criminals who are able to protect their autonomy at the same time as creating large networks of drug circles and promote the circulation of illegal goods. Specialists in computer forensics are essential in the attempt to track how these networks are set up and work together with governments advising them how to combat this problem however criminals seem to be one step ahead at the minute.

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