Facial and Body Mapping for Public Defence and Prosecution

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“It’s him. I’m sure it’s him.” The act of identifying a criminal can be a daunting task. Convictions can live and die by the positive identification by witnesses, police officers or, with the advent of an entrenched proliferation of CCTV networks. Facial mapping experts compare surveillance footage with photographs of police suspects, using methods such as photopgrammetry, morphological analysis and photo-superimposition, observing the distance and angles between key physical features or noting the presence or absence of distinguishing characteristics. Humans are variable in their body size, shape and function. Each individual is unique, and even two identical twins can be told apart by a number of slight differences in their external anatomy. We identify people by their face predominantly because the face is the anatomical region that has noticeable and distinguishing characteristics.

Criminals are increasingly aware about the technology available to forensic investigators and commonly attempt to disguise their faces however body mapping which is proven to be a powerful method of identification can be performed by a specialist in this field resulting in a positive identification.

Facial mapping was and still is used in the high profile investigations for the search for Madeline McCann. Many images have been created of suspects as a result of police interviews and witness statements.

Essential Forensics has extensive experience in using these techniques for both defence and prosecution. We are experts in enhancing any images from still photographs or CCTV footage from various sources. The technology we have available allows us to create precise and a reliable images which are admissible in a court of law.

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